Case Results

$10.2 Million Jury Verdict.Birth Injury case against an Obstetrician and Hospital that negligently caused a traumatic brain injury to an infant during labor and delivery.
$4.5 Million Jury Verdict.Medical Malpractice case against Hospital and Cardiologist for negligent cardiac care leading to heart attack and death. (Tried with Clay Dugas & Associates).
$2.2 Million Jury Verdict.Wrongful death case where a husband was changing his wife's flat tire at night and a car swerved onto the shoulder and killed him.
$1 Million Jury Verdict.Contested Estate case where family members contested dying father's ability to make a Will.
$800,000 Settlement.Severe rear-end automobile accident at over 60 mph requiring neck surgery.
$800,000 Settlement.Medical malpractice case against Hospital and Physicians for failing to provide proper post-surgery care leading to a woman's death.
$755,000 Settlement.18-wheeler accident where driver made illegal turn from shoulder leaving no time to react to oncoming traffic.
$750,000 Settlement.Oilfield worker sustained severe neck injury from hazardous equipment setup that oilfield operator knew about.
$750,000 Settlement.Bank truck caused major accident requiring neck surgery by turning in front of oncoming traffic.
$625,000 Settlement.18-wheeler driver injured when another 18-wheeler driver failed to use his mirrors properly when changing lanes and caused a side-swiped accident pushing him into a concrete barrier.
$625,000 Settlement.Postal worker injured in automobile accident when a company's truck driver failed to pay attention and caused a rear-end accident.
$600,000 Settlement.Medical Malpractice case against Hospital and Obstetrician that negligently caused irreversible brain injury to an infant during labor and delivery.
$590,000 Judgment.Guest on premises severely bitten by a dog with a known history of aggressive behavior.
$540,000 Settlement.Man injured after being rear-ended by pizza driver who failed to pay attention on a delivery.
$290,000 Settlement.Woman injured in an apartment complex parking lot where management failed to replace broken lights that they had removed months earlier and caused a tripping hazard.
$250,000 Settlement.Elderly woman injured by 18-wheeler who rear-ended her in a construction zone by failing to follow construction signage.
$225,000 Settlement.Motorcyclist injured in a construction zone wreck at night after running over the base of a construction barrel left in the roadway by the night crew.
$219,000 Jury Verdict.Woman injured in an automobile accident by a tow truck company that failed to properly secure their load causing a drive shaft to fall off into the roadway and cause a wreck.
$200,000 Settlement.Woman injured when rear-ended by an ambulance that had defective tires and failed to stop in time on wet roads.
$162,000 Settlement.Elderly woman injured in rear-end 18-wheeler case by driver who failed to keep a safe following distance.
$160,000 Settlement.Woman injured in a construction zone when driver failed to pay attention and caused a rear-end collision.
$142,000 Jury Verdict.Elderly woman injured at a restaurant when an employee knocked her over causing lower back injury.