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Rollover motor vehicle accidents may lead to death

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Two teenage girls lost their lives in a recent rollover car crash in Texas. The collision occurred on Presidents Day, when the girls were not in school. Unfortunately, these types of motor vehicle accidents sometimes happen due to driver negligence, which is grounds for civil litigation.

The recent Texas crash took place at about 1:15 p.m. along State Highway 36. Police said that one of the girls, 16, was driving a pickup truck, while the other girl, also 16, was riding in it. All of a sudden, the truck left the roadway and overturned. It ended up landing on its driver’s side.

The driver suffered injuries and was taken to a hospital, where she passed away. The passenger passed away at the crash scene. Police said the passenger was not wearing a safety belt when the crash happened, whereas the driver was wearing a safety belt. Police will continue to investigate the cause of the rollover car crash.

If the driver of the pickup truck is found to have caused the accident due to careless driving — such as speeding or driving while distracted — the surviving loved ones of the deceased passenger may choose to file a wrongful death claim, seeking damages. Although the girl who reportedly caused the rollover wreck died in the crash, anyone with an ownership interest in the pickup truck could still be sued, and so could the girl’s estate. A wrongful death case that is fought victoriously may result in a judicial award of monetary damages that might help to cover burial costs and other expenses stemming from these types of motor vehicle accidents in Texas.