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Determining liability after a commercial truck accident

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Commercial truck accidents occur every day, often causing massive property damage and serious injuries. Victims of truck accidents may find it difficult to know where to start building their claims, on top of dealing with property loss and potentially deadly or debilitating injuries. Unfortunately, settling claims after trucking accidents is not always as simple as it is after collisions between consumer drivers, because commercial truck accidents often involve the driver of the truck as well as several other parties.

If you recently experienced a truck accident, it is important to gather as much information about the accident as you can, so that you can build a strong claim to protect your rights and seek fair compensation for your losses. To do so, it is important to understand which parties may hold liability for those losses.

Parties potentially liable after a truck accident

Just like any other auto collision you may experience, it is possible that you hold full or partial liability. As you gather evidence and build your claim, it is wise to understand the legal liability that you hold. However, you should never assume that you hold liability after an accident until you review all the evidence, and it is never wise to accept liability informally, verbally or in writing.

Many people assume that truck drivers are typically to blame for truck accidents, which is sometimes the case, but not always. If the driver did cause the accident through their actions or negligence, they may hold liability. It is also possible that a company hired them to haul a load as an employee, which may place the liability for the accident on the company.

Several other parties may cause an accident as well, even if they are not present when it happens. For instance, a certain repair shop may perform bad repairs on the truck, and those repairs may fail, causing an accident. In similar cases, the repair shop may hold liability.

Likewise, the driver of a truck is commonly not the same person loading the trailer and securing its cargo. If cargo in a trailer is not secure, it may move around while the driver is on the road. Shifting weight within a trailer can easily cause a truck to shift in its lane or even overturn, and the company or individuals who loaded the cargo may hold liability.

Sometimes, truck accidents occur because a component within the truck fails. While this is not as common as other causes, it is still worth considering. In these instances, the company that produced the failed component may hold liability.

Protect your recovery with a strong claim

Seeking the full compensation you deserve for your losses and suffering takes time and attention. You may have serious medical needs and other concerns that already require your time and attention, making it difficult to protect yourself and your recovery.

A strong legal strategy and high-quality legal guidance can help you navigate this difficult season and keep your rights secure while you work toward physical recovery and justice for your losses and suffering.