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How to stay safe driving through a road construction site

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Construction zones on the roads can be hazardous to the drivers passing through. In the summertime, these construction sites seem to pop up overnight. To maintain proper defensive driving, drivers need to accommodate their driving habits for these new dangers on the road.

When drivers are not driving with caution, it can result in fatalities in these busy areas. The steps a driver takes before entering a construction zone can save the lives of themselves and their passengers.

Do not speed

Even when it seems like construction is not happening at the moment, do not rush through a construction zone. There can be changes to the road that result in unexpected turns or loose debris on the road. Speeding limits the amount of time a driver has to react and get past the obstacle safely.

Avoid changing lanes

Drivers have most of their attention on the possible construction-related hazards while driving through a site. Changing lanes may not be something other drivers are ready for, and they may overreact to the lane change.

Be aware of other drivers

Other cars in a construction zone may or may not see a potential hazard before you do. If another car’s brake lights flash unexpectedly, they may be trying to avoid something dangerous. Alternatively, other drivers may not see a danger like a chunk of concrete on the road, and could potentially crash into it. Spotting accidents before they may happen is one of the best methods of avoiding them.

Obey flaggers

It can seem unnecessary to sit and wait for a construction worker to allow motorists through an area one car at a time, but there is a purpose for it. The time between vehicles may be used to enable construction vehicles through an area, or alternate use of a road with oncoming traffic.

Stay cautious

There is no telling what may happen in road construction sites. Exercise caution while driving through these areas to avoid suffering from catastrophic injuries or death.