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Repetitive strain injuries and typing

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Personal Injury |

You may associate work-related injuries with hazardous and physically demanding occupations, such as construction. However, workers in many different fields suffer injuries as a result of their job duties. We have seen many workers with seemingly safe and low-risk jobs sustain injuries.

Many office workers, writers and others who frequently type suffer repetitive strain injuries. Over the course of many years, these injuries can sometimes emerge and interfere with your ability to continue performing your job duties.

Warning signs

You may be able to tell that your body is under a lot of strain. For example, if you frequently write, you may notice pain in your hands or wrists. You may be able to avoid a repetitive strain injury by taking a break or changing your behavior. However, you may need your job and feel like you have no choice but to continue working, even though it could result in an injury.

The consequences of an injury

Repetitive stress injuries bring on various consequences, from pain and costs related to rehabilitation to lost wages. Moreover, the mental toll of these injuries is significant, and you may have difficulty coming to terms with the fact that you cannot work in a particular field (especially if you have depended on this career for many years).

Fortunately, workers’ compensation is a lifeline for many workers in this position. Not only do these benefits provide financial support and mental relief, but they also help eligible workers train for another position that is more suitable given their physical limitations. Our website covers more on workers’ comp benefits and the application process.