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Business Disputes

The root of most business disputes is one party’s breach of contract. Contracts often spell out in detail the terms of providing services, products and compensation, but often fail to include what remedies are available when the contract is breached. When a specific remedy is not outlined in the contract, the following remedies are often ordered by the court depending on the type of breach and nature of the contract:

  • Specific performance. Specific performance of the contract terms.
  • Compensatory damages. Money paid in compensation for the breach of contract.
  • Restitution. Each party returns what has been paid or given by the other party.
  • Incidental damages. Money paid for reasonable and foreseeable damages caused by the breach of contract.
  • Rescission. Each party gives back all the benefits received from the contract and the contract is canceled.
  • Loss of use. Money awarded to compensate for the time it takes to recover from the damage caused by the breach of contract.
  • Loss of credit. Money awarded when the breach of contract causes someone to lose credit or go into bankruptcy.

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