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Client Reviews

Amber. My sincere thanks to Malachi and Judson for doing a fantastic job in handling my car accident case. This was my first (and hopefully only) experience filing a lawsuit and I was unfamiliar with the entire process and didn’t know what to expect. Malachi was very professional, but genuinely empathetic, competent and most importantly, honest. He did not set false expectations and he was very patient, taking care to explain every step of the process to me so I was able to make informed decisions. Everyone at The Daws Law Firm was professional, courteous, and extremely helpful. They took care of all the stressful phone calls and made all of my appointments to make an already horrific situation as painless as possible! When I had questions, no matter what they were, they responded quickly by telephone or email. For my case, I worked specifically with Attorney Malachi Daws. He was knowledgeable, assertive when necessary and required, and always patient with my many questions. HE IS AS CARING AND SINCERE AS HE IS A SKILLED PROFESSIONAL. I highly recommend this Firm ” They won’t disappoint! THANK YOU DAWS LAW FIRM! I APPRECIATE YOUR TIME, EXPERIENCE, AND YOUR TRUSTWORTHY AND INTELLIGENT NATURE!”

Toni. Really pleased! The staff and attorneys were great to work with! They worked fast and handled my family law case and my personal injury case! Call them.

Adrian. Malachi was a great attorney. I would recommend his firm to anyone who is dealing with a personal injury like mine which required back surgery. I had a lot of medical bills and missed a lot of time off of work. He was very attentive and honest, and he helped me out with any question I had. His firm always kept me up to date on my case. Their staff was always very polite. Me and my family are very grateful for him helping us through his difficult time.

Laurie. Malachi was referred to me by a friend. After my first consultation with him I knew that he was understanding and very knowledgeable about my situation. He always kept me informed and updated on the case. Answered all of my questions. He was compassionate about my injuries. And he always looked out for my best interest. I would highly recommend him.

Angela. Malachi represented me in an auto injury case and I felt that he went above and beyond in every aspect. I never had to go out of my way to do anything and he kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. He never let me settle for less than what he felt like was deserved and was always more than willing to answer any questions I had. He was never hard to reach whether it be by phone or e-mail and always made me feel at ease about the situation and resolving it. I highly recommend him for any auto injury case.

Tim. Mr. Daws was a great help to me in my time of need. He took care of everything and I never had to call and ask how things were going. He kept me in the loop the entire time. My claim was handled from beginning to end with almost no help from me, Mr. Daws and his staff took care of every detail. At a time when I was less than able, he removed all the stress that comes from filing a claim after an accident like mine.

Sherry. My husband had a terrible accident in April of last year when an 18 wheeler decided to come from the right side shoulder of the road and make a illegal left hand turn in front of my husband. He had seconds to react and went under the truck trailer which had loaded on it 40 Thousand tons of steel and was rear ended by another vehicle. It took 45 minutes for fire rescue to cut him out of his pick-up. Needless to say my husband sustained a traumatic brain injury and neck injury which needed surgery. We hired Mr. Daws the day after my husband’s accident. It was a complete blessing to leave Mr. Daws in charge of our case. He helped in so many ways from wading through all the legal issues to helping us make decisions on my husband’s care. Mr. Daws is professional, caring, and he explained everything that we needed to understand. We reached a settlement soon after my husband recovered from his injuries. Mr. Daws handled the other side with facts, figures, and professionalism. The other side paid a lot more compensation than they had planned to. I would recommend him highly to the point if you need someone to fight for you he is your man.

Shannon. I am currently using Malachi for representation in my divorce. When I met with him for my initial consultation, it was clear I was in a very difficult, unhappy, and bleak situation. But he carefully guided me through all of the tough decisions I would need to make, and he prepared me for all the challenges that were ahead. There’s no one I would trust more with legal matters as important as those dealing family and children. He is a truly wonderful person who cares deeply about his clients and works harder than any other attorney I know.