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Family Law And Divorce

Recent studies show that somewhere between 40-50 percent of marriages end in divorce. While some marriages end amicably, the majority do not, and they result in lengthy and unpleasant disputes over children and assets. The Daws Law Firm has experienced family law attorneys who can keep you informed of your rights under the law and help shoulder the burden during this process.

Family law is a generic term that includes matters of:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Parental rights termination
  • Adoption
  • Modification of existing orders
  • Enforcement of existing orders
  • Property rights
  • Debt liabilities
  • Tax obligations

Texas law provides specific standards that judges use to evaluate these issues. Unless you hire a family law attorney who is familiar with these and other standards, you will be unprepared to properly and aggressively assert your legal rights.


Even after a final order has been entered into, circumstances may arise in which modification of an existing court order is appropriate. Circumstances warranting modification could include:

  • Change in employment requiring an increase or decrease in child support
  • Change in residence
  • Aging of a child
  • Child safety concerns (physical, mental, emotional, educational, etc.)
  • Child preference for whom the child wants to live with
  • Instability of the other parent (financial, drugs, alcohol, mental, etc.)
  • Failure of the other parent to follow the court order
  • Failure of the other parent to support your relationship with your child
  • Communication problems with the other parent

If you would like an experienced family law attorney to review the potential for successfully modifying your court order, call us today for a free case evaluation.


The court’s order is the governing set of rules that must be followed in your case. Unfortunately, parties do not always follow the rules. Not following the orders is generally acceptable only when done by agreement between the parties. When there is no agreement, the disobeying party can be found in contempt of court and sanctioned appropriately. Typical matters for enforcement can include:

  • Failure to allow child possession by the other parent
  • Failure to allow child communication with the other parent
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to obtain health insurance
  • Failure to provide information (insurance cards, etc.)
  • Regularly showing up late at pickup and drop-off
  • Moving outside of a geographical restriction without court approval

Enforcements generally can be handled within a few weeks to a month after filing. If you prevail on your enforcement, available remedies the court could award you include requiring the other party to:

  • Pay your attorney’s fees and court costs
  • Pay back child support in addition to current child support
  • Give visitation restitution for visitation periods previously denied
  • Move back to the allowable geographical area
  • Whatever else is reasonable to make things right

If you would like an experienced family law attorney to review the potential for successfully enforcing your court order, call us today for a free case evaluation.

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