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Motor vehicle accidents: Texas crash claims 4 children

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car accidents that cause losses of life are tragic, but they are especially tragic when those deaths involve children. Such was the case in a recent collision in Texas near Bastrop. Just as in any situation where motor vehicle accidents claim the lives of children, their parent or guardians can file wrongful death lawsuits against the driver deemed responsible for the crash.

The accident occurred on Friday, March 29, at some time after 9 p.m. Two cars were involved in the wreck on State Highway 21. Upon arriving on the scene, authorities discovered that four children had been killed. The driver of that car was also injured and remains in a coma.

According to footage obtained from nearby gun store’s surveillance video, the car that was carrying the children was waiting to turn left across the highway. The report states that another car containing a driver and one passenger then collided with that vehicle. Authorities apparently determined from the video that the car was travelling 58 mph when it struck the car turning left. Neither occupant of the second vehicle was injured.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, the report states that officials believe cellphone use was a contributing factor in the crash. The families of the deceased children are likely reeling from this event and mourning the losses of their loved ones. Whether in Texas or some other state, fatal motor vehicle accidents cause a lot of emotional distress and financial hardships for the surviving family members. Working alongside an experienced personal injury attorney, those adversely affected can seek to establish negligence on the part of the at-fault driver in an attempt to recover compensation for damages they incurred, including their pain and suffering.