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A car-truck accident can happen for countless reasons

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When driving in close proximity to a commercial vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer or delivery truck, you may have concerns about your safety. Many people are injured in car-truck accidents every year.

Understanding the most common causes of commercial vehicle accidents can help keep you safe. Here are some of the many mistakes truckers and trucking/delivery companies make:

  • Reckless driving: This includes everything from speeding to changing lanes without signaling. Any form of recklessness on the roadway increases the risk of an accident.
  • Driving under the influence: Alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription medications affect a driver’s ability to make sound and fast decisions when behind the wheel.
  • Improper loading: An improperly loaded vehicle is one that’s more likely to tip. Furthermore, the vehicle could lose its load on the roadway, putting many others at risk of an accident.
  • Drowsy driving: Commercial drivers are prone to driving drowsy, especially if they’re asked to spend many consecutive hours on the road.
  • Inadequate training: Employers are responsible for providing its drivers with proper training, such as that related to safety concerns, defensive driving and technique.

As a driver, there are things you can do to protect yourself and ease your tension. Consider the following:

  • Keep a safe following distance
  • Never change lanes abruptly in front of a commercial vehicle
  • Use the right lane to pass
  • Don’t drive in a trucker’s blind spot
  • Don’t spend too much time driving between two commercial vehicles
  • Take extra caution when yielding onto the highway
  • Position yourself properly when in close proximity to a truck making a turn in tight quarters

If you’re injured in a car-truck accident, the first thing you should do is call for help. Paramedics can treat you at the scene, while also transporting you to a local hospital.

Once you receive treatment, work with your medical team to implement a recovery plan. Also, pay close attention to what they’re telling you in regard to your prognosis.

From there, you can file an insurance claim and consider the many ways to obtain compensation for your injuries and related damages in Texas. You have legal rights if you’re injured in a car-truck accident, so make sure you protect them at all costs.

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