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Motor vehicle accidents may lead to injuries, deaths

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Two people have lost their lives in a tragic car wreck in Texas. Meanwhile, three other individuals suffered injuries in the motor vehicle crash. Sometimes, these types of motor vehicle accidents occur due to a driver’s carelessness, which is grounds for civil litigation in the Lone Star State.

The recent accident took place at a street intersection at around 2:35 a.m. on a Sunday. One of the two people who died in the crash was 18 years old. The second deceased victim’s identity and age were not immediately released following the crash.

According to authorities, the two individuals who passed away in the accident were riding in the same motor vehicle. The three people injured in the wreck were in that same car. These injured parties were all transported to a medical center for the treatment of their injuries.

A police investigation might reveal that the accident was the result of the driver’s carelessness behind the wheel. For example, perhaps the driver was texting while behind the wheel, or maybe he or she was speeding. If the driver was injured in the accident, the other injured parties may file personal injury claims against him or her, seeking damages. Likewise, the loved ones of the deceased victims may file wrongful death claims against the driver.

If one of the deceased accident victims happened to be the driver, then personal injury and wrongful death claims may still be filed against the driver’s estate. Likewise, any other person with an ownership interest in the car that he or she was driving may be sued. A successfully fought claim may lead to monetary damages that might help with covering funeral costs, medical bills and other losses tied to these types of Texas motor vehicle accidents.