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Detailing the Fatal Four

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Personal Injury |

When you work in the construction industry in Beaumont, you no doubt have every confidence that your skills and your experience will help you avoid many of the risks inherent with this particular line of work. Yet as many of our past clients here at the Daws Law Firm PLLC can attest to, your safety on the job site is not up to you alone.

Your employer shares in the responsibility to ensure that you and your co-workers remain protected from the common dangers posed by construction work. Providing such protection should not be difficult given how apparent risks often are.

Common causes of most construction-related accidents

Information reported by companies to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration over the years reveals that of all of the workplace fatalities occurring in the construction industry, almost 60% are due to either one of four reasons. These include:

  • Workers falling from heights
  • Workers sustaining injuries from falling objects
  • Workers suffering electrocutions
  • Workers becoming caught in or in-between heavy equipment (crush injuries)

So common are these causes that many within the industry refer to them as “the Fatal Four.”

How safe are you from the Fatal Four?

You might think that knowing the common risks that you and your co-workers face would better prepare your employer to protect you from them. However, OSHA officials report that several of the typical safety complaints they investigate related directly to the Fatal Four (indeed, fall protection ranked as the most commonly situated work site citation issued by the agency in 2018). If your company is not employing every precaution to ensure that you remain safe from threats posed by your work (be they known or not), you may have a strong case for liability if and when you do suffer an injury.

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