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Why do falls happen in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Injuries |

Texas construction workers like you face many threats on the job. Due to the dangerous conditions in which you work, you come across risky or deadly situations more often than others.

Falls are one of the biggest risks you face. But why exactly do they happen? More importantly, can you do anything to lower these risks?

Notable fall statistics for construction workers

The National Safety Council looks at statistics for falls in the workplace. They point out that the field of construction leads the way. 24,700 of 2016’s 48,060 fall injuries fell under this field. 384 of the reported 697 deaths came from construction, too. In essence, half of the total falls happened in your field.

Why is construction so prone to fall accidents? Unfortunately, most if not all of the reasons are preventable. Some of the top causes for falls include:

  • Faulty or outdated equipment and safety gear
  • Improper safety protocol
  • A lack of emphasis on adhering to safety guidelines
  • Workers attempting to cut downtime by cutting corners
  • Using tools in a way they were not intended for
  • Not wearing proper shoes

Managerial negligence contributes to falls

Some of these issues trace back to your management. In some companies, it may seem like employers value profit before worker safety. Employers may refuse to buy new equipment to replace the old. They may not give you enough training before sending you out to do work. They might even encourage cutting corners to finish projects faster. All of this may result in a fall accident.

If your workplace encourages this sort of risky behavior, you may have a case to report. After all, ignoring safety guidelines puts you (and everyone you work with) in danger.